5 Homo-boys Preferences

(ZAYN) You Get Hurt and Have to Go to the Hospital Preference (requested):

Zayn: “What time is dinner?” Zayn said through the phone from the studio. You were already preparing baked ziti, which he had been begging you to make. “Well, I’m about to put it in the oven, so it should only be about 30 more minutes.” You told him. “Alright, well we’re finishing up, Harry is actually recording his part right now, and I think I’m done for the day, so let me check to see if I can leave, okay babe?” he said. You smiled into the phone, happy he would be home soon and said, “Okay, baby” and you both disconnected. While it baked, you decided to go upstairs and put some laundry away. You went into the living room where the basket of folded laundry was, then carried it up the hard wood stairs to your bed room. You put your iPod into the dock on top of your dresser, and Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs came on. You started dancing around, singing to the top of your lungs, slowly putting things up. You felt your phone buzzing a few minutes later, so you paused the song, “Hello?” you answered. “Hey babe, I’m headed home. I’m grabbing my stuff right now and I’ll be leaving in a few minutes.” Zayn said, sounding like he was moving around a lot. “Okay, baby.” You answered, grabbing some socks out of the basket you hadn’t put away yet, then putting them on. “Wanna say bye to everyone?” he asked, you could tell with a smile. “Yeah!” you said excitedly, moving slowly toward the stairs to go check on the ziti. “Alright,” he said, then pulled the phone away from his ear and put you on speaker. “Hey guys! Say ‘hello’ to [Y/N]” he called to the rest of the room. You were coming up on the stairs, starting to take slow steps as you focused your attention on the call, and you heard all the boys yell out funny hellos. You laughed, which caused your eyes to close shut. You took another step down the stairs, but right when you put all your weight on your left foot, you felt your feet go out from under you. You let out a scream as you fell backwards, slamming your head onto the stairs. “[Y/N?!” Zayn shouted, aware something was off. But the impact of you hitting your head knocked you out, and you didn’t hear the boys’ concern from the other line. “I’ve gotta go!” Zayn said, keeping you on the line in case you suddenly were to answer. “I’m coming!” Louis said, grabbing his stuff and following Zayn out. Everyone else decided to, as well, worried what had happened. Harry was the last out, and stopped by Paul to explain before heading to his car to follow behind. “Zayn had [Y/N] on the phone, and we were all talking to her when we suddenly heard a scream and a thud. Something happened, so we want to go see if she’s alright. Let’s just finish up tomorrow.” Harry said, trying to hurry the explanation along. He had begun to walk away, and Paul called after him, “Should I call an ambulance?” Harry nodded furiously, “Yeah I think so, she isn’t responding now!” So Paul got right on that, telling everyone at the studio they would finish up tomorrow, and helping. He figured if the deadline for the album was pushed back a day because of this, it was worth it considering the situation. Louis and Niall climbed in the car with Zayn, while Liam waited for Harry, realizing he was lagging behind. “What took you so long?” Liam asked, Harry was panting from running to the parking lot, “I had to explain to Paul what was going on” They both hopped in the car, and Liam turned the key, speeding to try and catch up behind Zayn. “Paul said he was calling for help, so they’ll be there hopefully right after us.” Harry told Liam. They all zoomed to the house, pulling in and Zayn leading the way, jumped out of his seat and rushed into the house to find you at the bottom of the stairs, passed out cold. Zayn knelt down, eyes wide and filling with tears, putting his ear to your heat to see if you were still breathing. He leaned back with a sigh of relief when he felt your chest move, signaling you were going to be okay. The rest of the boys filed in, and Zayn told someone to go call for an ambulance and grab a cold rag. “Paul already called, they should be here any minute” Harry said, and Liam went to get the wet rag. He came back and tossed it to Zayn, and then turned to look out the window. The ambulance was pulling in, “Yeah, it’s here” he said, telling the boys from behind. “Want us to come?” Niall asked. Zayn shook his head, “You probably all want to get home. I’ll ride to the hospital with her and let you know if things are okay.” He said, but the boys objected, “Eleanor would understand” Louis said, but Zayn just shook his head, “Go ahead and go home to El, Lou” Zayn replied. And Louis just sighed. “Me and Harry will stay and clean up, there is laundry still out, and I smell food” Niall said, and then walking over to the kitchen. Harry nodded his head, and then the door swung open. The paramedics stormed in, and rushed over to you, obviously the one they were there for. They carried you out to the ambulance and Zayn followed behind, his fist clenched at his mouth, trying to contain his emotions. And after they drove off, Liam asked, “Are you sure we should go?” Harry was the one to answer, “You need to get home to Danielle, and Louis needs to get home to Eleanor. Niall and I’ve got this, so don’t worry about it. We’ll call if we find anything out.” Louis and Liam nodded, and said their goodbyes, but Niall and Harry realized they didn’t have their cars with them, so Niall went, too as Liam drove them all back to the studio to get their cars. Louis drove off in his, and Niall driving back to your house to help Harry out. While Niall was gone, Harry had taken the ziti out of the oven. It was luckily in perfect timing before it burned. They folded the rest of the laundry and put it up, trying to do anything to help while they waited on Zayn’s call, and finally just sat down to watch some mindless TV. Meanwhile, you were rushed into the ER, still not waking up. Zayn was told to wait in the lobby while you were treated. He put his head in his hands, praying you would be alright, and there weren’t really that many people there that were big enough fans to go up to him. About an hour later, a doctor came out to get him, and led him back to your room. He went straight to your bed and took your hand, kissing it, and although you were still out, he spoke to you, anyway whispering, “I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. You scared me, [Y/N]”.Zayn turned back to the doctor, obviously wanting to hear what he had to say. “She hit her head pretty hard, but we stitched it back up, and it will be fine within the next week, but still a little bruised. She had bruises on her arms, and one high up on her leg, but those will fade. She will be okay, for sure, but we want to monitor her over night to make sure we didn’t miss anything. It was a rough fall from what I can tell. She hasn’t woken up yet, but she needs her rest.” He explained. Zayn nodded, relieved that was all. The doctor left the room, and Zayn pulled a chair close so he could hold your hand as you slept, and he pulled his phone out. He called Niall, “Hey how is she?” he asked, putting it on speaker so harry could hear. “She’s going to be okay. She has a few bruises, and had to get stitches from a gash in her head, but the doctor said I can bring her home tomorrow when she wakes up if everything is well.” He said, summarizing it for them. “That’s great! We’re going to go home, then if you aren’t coming home. But since your car is here, just call one of us and we’ll come pick you up.” Niall told him. Zayn thanked him and they talked a little more before hanging up. Niall drove Harry back to get his car, and they both went home, exhausted with the day’s events. The next morning, you woke up, confused about where you were, and you saw Zayn sitting in the chair next to you. He was holding your hand still, he had fallen asleep that way. A nurse came in, “Oh good, sweetie, you’re awake!” she exclaimed. She picked up on your confusion and said, “You fell down a flight of stairs and were a little beat up from it, but you’re okay now.” She said, and you nodded, remembering the incident. Zayn shook awake all of a sudden. He rubbed his eyes groggily, and they dilated as he let them adjust to the light, letting you come into focus. He smiled at you when he saw you were awake. And he leaned in for a kiss. He pulled back after barely touching your lips, though, once he realized the nurse was in there. She laughed, not seeming to care, and said, “We made sure everything was alright, and you’re free to go.” She said perkily. With that, Zayn pulled his phone out, and called Niall. Niall didn’t pick up, though, so he tried Harry. You guessed Niall was still asleep. Harry picked up after a few rings, sounding wide awake. “Hey, man, [Y/N] is allowed to come home now, will you come pick us up pweeease?” he asked cutely. Harry laughed, “Yeah, sure thing mate. I’ll be right over.” He said. After they hung up, Zayn helped you up and you got changed back into your own clothes and out of the hospital gown. By the time you both made it down to the lobby and you were released, Harry was up front. He drove you home, happy to see you were okay and awake. And when you got home, Zayn and you both just went upstairs to crash in your own bed. Paul told all of you that you had the day off, him expecting Zayn to want to spend the day with you, anyway, which explained why Niall was still asleep.  For the rest of the day, all you both did was relax, taking it easy.

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